Start 2015 off CLEAN and PURE

It is that time of the year again – the time to promise to cut back on sweets, the time to commit to regular gym visits, and the time to pledge all sorts of reforms to our person in attempts to better ourselves and the world around us. Come June, or even come February, most of us have forgotten about our new year’s resolutions and the effects of any temporary change have worn off.Woman at the beach

Not this year!

This year you have a chance to do something for your physical health to make you a better person for all those in your life. Our 21-day purification program is JUST the program that your body is aching for. The Standard Process Purification Program helps your body purify and rebuild itself from the inside out. You don’t have to do any meal planning or sorting out of supplements – everything is all organized for you with this structured plan for purifying, nourishing, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Along with supplements, you’ll support your major organ systems with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients found in whole foods. You’ll be helping your body remove toxins while you’re also reaping the benefits of reaching a healthy weight.

Why do any purification or detoxification anyways?

We are exposed to toxins on a daily basis. From pollutants to pesticides to chemicals we get a heavy dosage regularly. Pesticides on the produce you buy at the store, formaldehyde and acetates on the nail polish you use, pharmaceuticals you take, fluoride and chlorine in the tap water you shower with and drink, mercury in the fish you eat, Bisphenol A in every plastic you use, cigarette smoke (even second-hand smoke), phthalates in your cosmetics, and the list goes on and on.

All these toxins can contribute to a wide range of conditions, such as a few of the following:

  • Stuffy head
  • Fatigue or difficulty sleeping
  • indigestion and other temporary gastrointestinal upset
  • Food cravings and weight gain
  • Reduced mental clariy
  • Low libido
  • Skin that’s not looking its best
  • Joint discomfort

There are approximately 80,000 chemicals registered for use in the U.S. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that hundreds of these chemicals are present in our bodies. Research has shown that many of these chemicals can disrupt our immune, endocrine, nervous, and reproductive systems.

How do internal organs assist in purification?

The Standard Process Purification Program stimulates specific detoxification organs in the body – the liver, kidneys, and intestines. This is what we mean by cleaning the body from the inside out.

     Liver: Filters toxins

     Kidneys: Filter waste and excess fluid from the blood

     Small Intestine: Digests food so that nutrients can be absorbed into the blood and transported to the liver

21 day cleanse booklet

This helpful guide provides you with background information as well as tasty shake and meal recipes throughout your cleanse!

     Large Intestine: Absorbs water and electrolytes, forming waste that is excreted from the body

Who wouldn’t want to start off 2015 with improved weight, increased energy, better digestion, less bloating, clearer thinking, clearer skin, shinier hair and better sleep?!

We make your cleanse so easy and effective – you’ll get your supplements, shake and meal recipes, a free booklet as a guide, a food journal and more! Call The Spring Center for Natural Medicine today 512-445-7373 to schedule an appointment and get started with your cleanse as you ring in the new year!



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