The Truth About Gluten: FREE Workshop

Wholewheat bread

Breads and pastries might taste good but the damage they can cause is long-lasting.

What is the deal with the gluten-free fad? Is that all it is…a fad? The Spring Center for Natural Medicine invites YOU to our free workshop The Truth About Gluten on Thursday September 11 at 7:00pm. The workshop is conveniently being held at The Spring Center for Natural Medicine at 1700 South Lamar Blvd., Suite 301, Austin 78704. 

Are you one of the many people who has problems digesting your food? Come learn about how our genetically modified wheat is affecting your digestion, immune system and even your brain.

All the tasty bread, cakes and donuts can’t escape the truth of the damage they are causing to your body.

The best part about this workshop…it is FREE! Bring a friend and be proactive about taking care of your health today so the future won’t be full of sickness and disease!

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