You can prevent a heart attack or stroke by treating your gut

November 4, 2015 More often than not, when people suffer a heart attack or stroke, the last thing they are thinking about is their gut health. Dr. Bruce West, founder of the Health Alert/Immune Systems Inc., expounds on… Read More

Understanding and Overcoming high blood pressure

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To Protect Your Heart, Beware of Excessive Endurance Cardio

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Cholesterol is….Good?

Cholesterol Is…Good? Statins, prescribed to lower cholesterol, have become the bestselling class of drugs in history—based on a lie. They says that cholesterol is bad, that it causes heart disease, that if you just get the number down,… Read More

How to Treat High Blood Pressure Naturally…Without Drugs

Most heart patients already know high blood pressure can mean disaster for their heart health, but here’s what they don’t know: having high blood pressure can also wreak havoc on your brain, kidneys, and eyes. Here’s the scary… Read More