Healthy Halloween

October 20, 2015 It’s that time of year again! Colors of black and orange, costumes, and candy fill the stores in abundance. Halloween parties, trick-or-treating, Halloween after-candy at the office, it can be hard to avoid the temptation… Read More

Limiting Antibiotics in our Meat Supply

September 23, 2015 Why is it important to limit the use of antibiotics in our meat supply? When chickens, cows, and other animals are routinely given antibiotics, bacteria have the ability to develop resistance to those antibiotics. The… Read More

Bone broth….it is more than just a fad!

September 16, 2015 There is a reason that many are swapping their daily coffee for bone broth.  The numerous healing properties of bone broth are enough to make anyone want to drink it on a regular basis. Dr. Mercola… Read More

Supplementation to Support Good Health

July 29, 2015 A question we hear often is, “I don’t want to take supplements anymore, when can I get off of everything? Can’t I just eat right and not have to take supplements?” Eating a well-balanced, whole,… Read More

Nutritional Education in Medical School

July 8, 2015 A recent study by the Journal of the American Medical Association concluded that what we eat ranks as the single most important factor in premature death and disease. If you live a mindful, healthful lifestyle… Read More

Is This the New Iron Deficiency?

Is This the New Iron Deficiency? A lesser-known mineral — found in foods like nuts, dark green vegetables, and bananas — may be missing from your diet. If you’re lacking energy, easily annoyed, and generally feel sort of off, look to your… Read More

Why even bother with taking supplements?

You ask yourself: “I eat a fairly decent diet. Why do I need to take supplements too?” The answer is simple: our food supply is not what it once was. Despite the vibrant colors you may see in… Read More

Seriously cool sugar detox iPhone app

With a typical American diet replete with processed foods, grains, and desserts, it is no wonder we are faced with a blood sugar crisis in our homes. All of those foods, grains included, cause a serious spike in… Read More

Blood Sugar Imbalances

In our years of experience, we have found that, by far, the most damage someone can do to the body is having blood sugar imbalances.  We eat more sugar and refined carbs (same thing, really) in a week than… Read More

Cholesterol is….Good?

Cholesterol Is…Good? Statins, prescribed to lower cholesterol, have become the bestselling class of drugs in history—based on a lie. They says that cholesterol is bad, that it causes heart disease, that if you just get the number down,… Read More