July 4th Office Hours

 Our office will be closed on Monday and Tuesday, July 3rd and 4th in observance of Independence Day. We will resume regular business hours Wednesday through Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm

These Bugs May Improve Your Mood “Psychobiotics”

By Dr. David Perlmutter These Bugs May Improve Your Mood You’ve heard of the term probiotics, and likely prebiotics as well, but now we are hearing about “psychobiotics.” These have been defined as: living organisms that, when ingested in… Read More

Reminder: Complimentary Seminar Wednesday, 2/10 @ 6:15 PM

Greetings! We still have a few spots open for this week’s seminar.  Please give us a call at 512.445.7373 or email us at thespringatx@gmail.com to reserve your spot.  We look forward to seeing you there! Please see below… Read More

Holiday Hours

December 2, 2015 We hope that this holiday season brings relaxing time at home and with your family and friends. We know that schedules quickly fill up, but don’t forget to take care of yourself too!   Elke will be… Read More

Limiting Antibiotics in our Meat Supply

September 23, 2015 Why is it important to limit the use of antibiotics in our meat supply? When chickens, cows, and other animals are routinely given antibiotics, bacteria have the ability to develop resistance to those antibiotics. The… Read More

Diabetes Ages Your Brain Five Years Faster Than Normal

September 2, 2015 One in four people in the US are diagnosed with diabetes, and those in their fifties are at a significantly heightened risk for mental decline by the time they are 70. It’s becoming quite clear that to protect… Read More

Metabolism Boosting Tips to Optimize Your Weight

August 25, 2015 Dr. Mercola unveils some of  the reasons why we just cannot seem to lose weight, and how solid nutrition science can help you tweak some of your daily habits to boost your metabolism. Is your metabolism… Read More

Supplementation to Support Good Health

July 29, 2015 A question we hear often is, “I don’t want to take supplements anymore, when can I get off of everything? Can’t I just eat right and not have to take supplements?” Eating a well-balanced, whole,… Read More

We’re Moving!

July 22, 2015     The time for change and new beginnings has come again!     We will be relocating to a new office about a mile down the road, just behind Mr. Natural on South Lamar…. Read More