End of Daylight Savings | If I could turn back time…

Daylight savings comes to a tragic end this Sunday, March 8th, and once again my internal clock will go haywire and I will feel the effects of one little hour for a good couple of days. My husband… Read More

Coronavirus | Our thoughts and ways to protect you and your family

It’s been a busy week at The Spring! Panicked clients are calling or coming in asking for our thoughts and suggestions to protect them against the Coronavirus. Our unanimous reply? Don’t worry, it’s just another virus. Please do… Read More

What Happens in Vagus…

Actually, what happens in the vagus nerve doesn’t stay in the vagus nerve. It leaves, taking information about the body’s organs to the brain via “afferent fibers”, and is considered the reason why we have a gut-brain connection…. Read More

Don’t let your kids suffer from nutritional deficiencies

With another school year right around the corner, we wanted to share an article from Dr. Royal Lee addressing nutritional deficiencies in children with some of our own helpful tips to prevent deficiencies and encourage good health year-round! Adapted… Read More

Change your light, change your life! The importance of full spectrum lighting.

  The sun is out and ready to play! During the warmer seasons we begin to shed layers of clothing and often hope to shed a few pounds too! Besides focusing on nutrition, fitness and stress management, do you ever consider your… Read More


Electrosmog The concept of electrosmog is relatively new though not one to be ignored. More research is being released advising us against the dangers of products many of us use and rely on daily – think cell phones,… Read More

Ten dangerous everyday things in your home

Ten Dangerous Everyday Things in Your Home Adapted from: Dr. Mercola Household cleaning products may seem essential for a tidy home, but did you know they can be detrimental to your health?  In fact, 33.1 million individuals encounter incidences… Read More

It’s Alive! Fermented Foods

Due to their health benefits, fermented foods have become increasingly popular over the last few years. You’ve probably seen bottles of kombucha lining shelves and those fabulous jars of pickled veggies at your local farmer’s market. These foods… Read More

How to Cook from Scratch and Keep Your Day Job

  Eating fresh whole foods is essential for health, no matter who you are. Whole foods like vegetables, fruits and high quality meats are nutrient dense. When consumed together, their synergistic effect provides total nourishment for the body…. Read More

Share the Care

At The Spring, we believe a personal referral is the highest  compliment you can pay us and as an appreciation of your trust and your support, we are happy to offer you our Share the Care referral rewards… Read More