Allergy Clearing

Allergy Clearing

Natural allergy treatment Austin TXThe Advanced  Allergy Clearing Technique, AACT reprograms the body to respond favorably to the foods you eat, instead of having an allergic reaction.

When you’re having an allergic reaction, the allergen is causing the body to react negatively. It thinks that the food can harm the body instead of nourishing it and a chemical reaction is created.

The AACT helps your body reestablish a positive relationship with the allergen. When you are having an allergic response, the acupuncture meridians are freaking out and the communication inside the brain is impaired.  By stimulating acupuncture meridians in the presence of the allergen, we’re able to change the incorrect response and eliminate the allergic symptoms in the process. We substitute vials instead of the actual food or environmental allergen for the treatment. The vials are a homeopathic representation of the actual food or environmental allergen and tell the body what allergen we are treating.

By stimulating the acupuncture meridians, the body calms down.  The next time you come in contact with the allergen, the body stays in a balanced state and has no reaction.

We can help clear any allergies to food allergies or environmental allergens.

The treatment takes about 15 to 20 minutes.