The Adrenal Body Type

The Adrenal Body Type

Stages include:


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Fatigue -insomnia – red cheeks – anxiety – feelings of stress – can’t tolerate stress – asthma – weak or brittle bones (due to a loss of calcium and protein) – moon face or round face – pendulous abdomen (sagging and hanging) – acne or poor skin – facial hair – high blood pressure – salt, cheese, chocolate, and sugar cravings (late afternoon and evening) – needs coffee to wake up – dark circles around eyes – Inflammation or pain in joints, back, neck – heel spurs – fibromyalgia – pitting edema (especially in ankles) – gets out of breath when climbing stairs – difficulty absorbing calcium – legs feel heavy, especially when exercising – over active immune system – allergies – chemical sensitivities – autoimmune conditions – moodiness and irritability – brain fog – buffalo hump (fat pod) at the upper back, lower neck area.

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