We recognize that testimonials are selective and are not fully representative of everyone’s experience. We can’t guarantee any specific results, and the following testimonial does not constitute a warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of an individual using our services for any particular issue. Still, we share this to give a sense of what this client has experienced. 

Wonderful Holistic Practitioner
by menam09

I’ve lost weight and I have no digestion problems. I have more energy, no colds, my immune system is better, and my blood pressure is down.

Fabulous Holistic Practitioner
by Tara Davis

Elke has been a blessing to me. I have had numerous challenges with my internal organs and was not able to diagnosis it with a conventional doctor. Elke’s expert knowledge has not only helped to alleviate the original challenges but also uncovered physical concerns that have been underlying for many years.
Thank you Elke!

Elke is wonderful 🙂
by cowgirl052886

I have been sick for almost two years and have seen lots of different doctors who have never been able to treat any of my symptoms. I finally was referred to Elke Kniss and she was able to point out many things that were compromising my health. She is so knowledgeable in what she does and she has really worked wonders for me. I have already started to feel better and have seen great results from the supplements and lifestyle changes she has suggested for me. I enjoy working with her in my struggle to finally be completely healthy again and I know with her by my side and treating me that I will! She is a beautiful, caring woman who is not only trying to make you feel better, but also fixing the roots of all the problems you may be having.

Amazing Alternative Practitioner with the best tools for helping you find your health again.
by Biomeridian

After taking my entire family to Elke Kniss for an Alternative health evaluation ,I can honestly say we are all looking at healing ourselves differenly. Elke was able to pin-point locations in our bodies that were blocked or that needed strength by supplementation. The products she suggested started making a difference in just days. Elke found that my son who was having various health problems ,was actually chemically toxic with a mercury filling that needed to be removed.We had been to many specialist with him.He is improving daily now that he got the tooth removed. My husband (the disbeliever in alternative health) now takes supplements on a daily basis and is feeling better than he has in years.For me Elke has opened many doors on how I view my health and what I can do about it that doesn’t involve prescription medicine.She truely is a healer and follows the healing path herself. I recommend Elke to anyone with a health issue or for those of you who want to know more about your health and how to stay healthy. Please don’t wait and have her be your last resort of health hope.She has many tools that can help evaluate and heal you. To your Health!

So knowledgeable and caring
by keiramoraus

I met with Elke awhile back regarding a few different issues. Between her knowledge and her expertise in kinesiology, she was able to determine exactly the root of these issues.. rather than doing what most Dr’s would do, she helped me come up with a plan to PREVENT these dis-eases to continue… Western medicine teaches us to “put a bandaid” on the problem whereas Dr. Kniss gets to the root of it.. She is such a caring and kind person, and simply just knows what she’s talking about. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to speak with someone about anything having to do with the health of the human body… be it mind, body, spirit, Elke will be able to help you.

One of the Best Wellness Practitioners in Austin!
by pmnorris

Elke is a fantastic practitioner who has the unique ability to integrate thorough, systematic diagnosis with an intuitive approach…..her techniques are amazing….she can “get right to the heart of the issue” while being very gentle and nurturing all at the same time….if you are disillusioned with allopathic medicine and want a refreshing, effective alternative, I highly recommend her services…..

Best place to restore your health.
by jaynecotten

Elke at Kniss Medical is who I go to when I’m feeling out of balance. I’m a very healthy person naturally, and she’s been a great help to me in increasing my good health. Elke has much experience with many different approaches to health care and I’ve always been impressed with how dedicated she is to learning new techniques and increasing her knowledge base. Kniss Medical offers Premier Research Labs herbal formulas and remedies, which are of the highest quality. I feel assured that when I’m taking their formulas that the source of the product is pure.

She lives what she practices…
by scorpio78731

There are few Alternative Heath practitioners at her level. I have had a chronic illness for years and have tried many practitioners in Austin. She has the latest in equipment and herbs flown in fresh almost daily to heal you. She found some parasites in me that I think had been there for 5 or 6 years and none of my other healers had caught. An “aging symptom” I thought I just had to live with was treated is being healed just because she doesn’t believe that we have to age as much as is commonly accepted. From my libido to my digestion, she has improved them.

  • Pros: Personable , caring professional who comes up with an individual treatment program for you.
  • Cons: One or two of her cures don’t taste all that good. But they work.

Feeling Good and Looking Good……why not?!
by sonoralee

Elke is the shining example of her profession. I said. “I wanna feeeeeel like you looook!” This German beauty is a brilliant health care practitioner. During my first session with her, I knew I had found what I had been looking for—the combination of science, cutting edge technology, years of experience and empirical study, and sincere insightful caring in a GORGEOUS office. I got the treatment plan beyond anything I expected yet hoped for. I’m feeling so much more energy…….hmmmmmmmm, reckon I’d have to say I’m liking how I look as well ;~). Money and effort well spent. Thank you Elke!

A Born Healer!
by elenamichaelson

I’ve known Elke for over a year now and can vouch for what a person of integrity, wisdom, and kindness she is. That’s important for me in a health care provider, especially one who uses the cutting edge technology that Elke does, which I don’t always understand. In 15 minutes of testing, she detected something that I hadn’t told her anything about that turned out to be dramatically affecting my health, which was 2 abscessed teeth. She also knew exactly which ones they were. Further testing confirmed my gall bladder problem and the cause, which was the reason I had gone to see her. She gave me some herbs and a protocol to follow to clear it up, which has indeed alleviated the problem. I was afraid that I would need to have my gall bladder removed, but Elke proved that there are other options than surgery. I can’t wait to continue my treatment with her! I heartily recommend Elke and her work.

Honest Approach
by C.W.

When asked, “What did you like about Elke?,” C.W. replied, “Her confidence in her ability, ‘I can help you.’ Her honest approach. She was able to pinpoint my fears. Her combination of traditional and alternative/holistic training.”

More Energy than I’ve had in years

by Morgan:

Us: How long have you been trusting us with your care?
Morgan: 3 months
Us:  How did you feel when you first started?
Morgan: Extremely exhausted
Us: How do you feel now?
Morgan: Wonderful! I’ve had more energy than I’ve had in years. No more stomach problems, allergies, or headaches. And as a bonus, I’ve lost almost 20 pounds.

Drastic Improvements

by Miquele:

Us: How long have you been trusting us with your care?
Miquele:  One Month
Us:  How did you feel when you first started?
Miquele:  bloated, weight gain, hair loss, hormones completely out of balance. I have always had “genetic” skin issues that were worse than ever.
Us: How do you feel now?
Miquele:  Great. Skin has drastic improvements. My weight has started to come off, and my husband is commenting on how surprised he is with the progress already.

Clear Headed & Able to Maintain Anxiety

by Shelly:

Us: How long have you been trusting us with your care?
Shelly: 5 Weeks
Us: How did you feel when you first started?
Shelly: Fatigued & exhausted! I was waking up 8-10 times a night and living in a fog all day. I was irritable, at times depressed & felt drained after simple tasks.
Us: How do you feel now?
I am waking up only a few times at night & am able to fall back asleep with ease. I feel clear headed & able to maintain anxiety & daily routine with a positive attitude.