Coronavirus | Our thoughts and ways to protect you and your family

It’s been a busy week at The Spring! Panicked clients are calling or coming in asking for our thoughts and suggestions to protect them against the Coronavirus. Our unanimous reply? Don’t worry, it’s just another virus. Please do not give it the attention it doesn’t deserve but please do be smart about protecting yourself. 

What do we mean by that? 

  • Our immune system fights off foreign invaders entering our body every second of every day. Around 80% of our immune system resides in our gut. The best way to improve your immune system? Sticking to a healthy diet! 
    • Stop eating sugar and gluten. They suppress your immune system and create inflammation, making us more susceptible to bugs.  
    • Eat lots of veggies…and a variety at that! Aim for at least 6-8 servings of veggies a day. 
    • Consume high-quality protein sources (wild-caught fish, organic pastured poultry + eggs, grass-fed beef). Protein is the main ingredient your body uses to build immune antibodies! Note: if you are vegetarian or have trouble digesting protein, please let us know and we can recommend an amino acid supplement.
  • Add antiviral + immune support supplements into your daily protocol to support key organs and glands as well as detoxification. See more information below. 
  • Wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your nose, mouth or face. 
  • Prioritize sleep, minimize stress and keep a positive attitude. Fear and panic suppress our immune systems making us more susceptible to bugs. Here is a great article to read that we hope will put the fear being drummed up by the media into perspective. 

Keep in mind that microbes need a hospitable host to grow and thrive. Therefore, your goal should be to become an inhospitable host by implementing the strategies listed above. As clients of The Spring, your bodies are already “inhospitable hosts” in the making! 

Though we’re finding that most of our clients are looking for a straight-forward, preventative protocol for peace of mind so we’ve thoughtfully pulled together an antiviral prevention pack for you. The pack includes strong antiviral herbs and vitamins that are needed to boost your immune system and protect you from viral exposures. So whether you’re traveling for work, have kiddos in school or just want to have a strong back up plan, we’ve got you covered! 

The pack can be catered to you and your needs but we are offering 15% off if you purchase the entire pack. If you are interested, please call the office to reserve yours today while supplies last, 512.445.7373. Based on demand, we will only be able to hold your pack until the end of the business day you call.

We hope this helps remove some of the fear and anxiety and we are wishing you good health and happiness! 


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