What’s With All the Gut Health Talk?

Good Question…The answer, in short, is that your immune system primarily lives in the digestive system, so in the gut. For this reason, it is imperative to keep your gut in tip-top shape, so that you can be… Read More

See What Our Patients Are Saying!

A Born Healer! by Elena Michaelson I’ve known Elke for over a year now and can vouch for what a person of integrity, wisdom, and kindness she is. That’s important for me in a health care provider, especially… Read More

Top 5 Breakfast Ideas

The vast majority of you are now hip to the health benefits of eating a diet that is mainly grain-free, high protein, low-sugar, and high in healthy fats. Here we highlight our top 5 favorite breakfast ideas. None… Read More

Happy Mitochondria, Happy Life

Most people haven’t thought about mitochondria probably since about the 5th grade. This week, we would like to update you and inform you of the great influence these tiny organelles have on your health. Every cell has 100 to… Read More

Is This the New Iron Deficiency?

Is This the New Iron Deficiency? A lesser-known mineral — found in foods like nuts, dark green vegetables, and bananas — may be missing from your diet. If you’re lacking energy, easily annoyed, and generally feel sort of off, look to your… Read More

Blood Sugar Imbalances

In our years of experience, we have found that, by far, the most damage someone can do to the body is having blood sugar imbalances.  We eat more sugar and refined carbs (same thing, really) in a week than… Read More

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