Elke Kniss


Elke Kniss, PA, CCN – Owner specializing in whole body health, Nutritional Counseling, Homeopathy/Bio-Energetic Medicine, Nutrition Response Testing, ART I, II, III, Applied PsychoNeurobiology, Lymphedema Services, EHF Acupuncture

Elke’s medical education in Germany as a Physician’s Assistant has given her the opportunity to work in the medical field both in the U.S. and Europe for more than 30 years! Elke is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN) with a BS in Natural Health Science and a degree in Clinical Nutrition. She is a graduate of the Advanced Clinical Nutrition Training of the Ulan School using Nutrition Response Testing (NRT); studied with Dietrich Klinghardt, MD.; and has completed ART I, II, and III. She also studied with Dr. Eric Berg the principles of Body Restoration Technique, BRT, for Hormone Balancing and Weight Loss, Dr. Bob Marshall’s QRA testing, and Systems Strength Analysis testing. She is trained in EHF acupuncture treatment.

She is specialized in lymphedema and wound care services and has pioneered lymphedema therapy in Austin, Texas with the opening of the Lymphedema and Wound Care Clinic of Austin in 1994 with a satellite clinic in Houston. She is certified in Dr. Vodder’s Manual Lymph Drainage (M.L.D.) as well as Compression Physical Therapy (C.P.T.). Elke is a leader in the field of lymphedema therapy and a consultant for lymphedema equipment and supplies.

She is also a certified Kundalini and Hatha Yoga instructor. When not at The Spring, Elke can often be found dancing, exploring the beautiful outdoors with her two pups, Maya and Honey or trying out a new local restaurant!

Ali Wiser


Ali is a graduate of the Advanced Clinical Training of Ulan Nutritional Systems using Nutrition Response Testing. She also received her certification in Nutritional Consulting from Bauman College focusing on how to use food as medicine to support both acute and chronic conditions. Her professional career and passion for whole-body health originated from personal experience. As someone who has recovered from chronic Lyme Disease, fifteen other chronic infections and a long-term eating disorder, Ali has been able to apply her education and personal experience to help clients achieve good health as well as a healthy and healing relationship with food.

Ali’s approach goes beyond the “quick fix.” She works with clients as they get curious – not judgmental – about their habits, symptoms and relationship with food and their bodies. Together, Ali and her clients peel back the layers and broaden the scope to improve symptoms like inflammation, fatigue, weight gain/loss, joint pain, indigestion, brain fog, food sensitivities and more!

Michelle Richey


Michelle earned her Masters degree in Homeopathy in South Africa in 2005. Before pursuing her Masters degree, she obtained her Advanced Diplomas in Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Massage Therapy.

While working towards her Masters she worked in 2 different homeopathic dispensaries and pharmacies where she saw clients from all walks of life. She then joined the corporate world as the Sales and Marketing Manager for a natural medicines company in South Africa and obtained her Diploma in Marketing. After many happy years of working closely with practitioners (both allopathic and alternative), universities and students, she took a position in the Seychelles to help open a Wellness Clinic where she would apply all her knowledge and experience for 2 years.

Michelle moved to the USA in 2012 and after a few different roles and opportunities in the corporate world, realized her passion is still with natural medicine and healing and is now working with us at The Spring and we look forward to growing and learning together.

Susan Billington


Susan is the friendly face at the front desk! She is happy to answer your questions, plan your appointments and help resolve concerns to make your visits a positive experience. Susan’s 15 years of office management in the hospitality industry have provided her with the confidence and ability to work all aspects of the job. While she enjoys office management, she also appreciates working in an environment that focuses on healing – an experience she relates to and bonds with many of our clients. Her interest in preventative health started from personal experience when she was forced to take her own health more seriously. Similar to many of the clients we see at The Spring, Susan was desperate to find answers yet deflated and overwhelmed with the amount of contradicting information found. She is relieved and grateful to work in a space that takes the guessing game out of the equation and focuses on restoring good health for all.

Susan thrives when learning something new everyday and is committed to making our client’s and their family’s experience comfortable, calming and uplifting. When not at The Spring, she can be found enjoying time with her two grandchildren, hiking and camping with her husband and puppy, Tito, or simply relaxing by sewing and crocheting.

What Our Clients Say

“Elke has been a blessing to me. I have had numerous challenges with my internal organs and conventional doctors were not able to diagnose it. Elke’s expert knowledge has not only helped to alleviate the original challenges but also uncover physical concerns that have been underlying for many years. Thank you Elke!”

“I have been sick for almost two years and have seen a variety of doctors who have never been able to treat any of my symptoms. I finally was referred to Elke and she was able to point out many things that were compromising my health. She is so knowledgeable in what she does and has worked wonders for me. I have already started to feel better and have seen great results from the supplements and lifestyle changes she has suggested for me. I enjoy working with her in my struggle to finally be completely healthy again and I know with her by my side that I will! She is a beautiful, caring woman who is not only trying to make you feel better, but also fixing the roots of all the problems you may be having.”

"I used to feel this enormous weight on my shoulders to make all the right decisions for my kiddo’s health and nutrition. While I think MDs are great at emergency care I’ve never felt comfortable putting my kids in their hands when it comes to their nutrition, preventive care or providing a more natural approach when they do get sick. Since the kids have been seeing Ali that weight has been lifted. She is also special when it comes to connecting with kids. Her genuine nature and how she explains things in a way that is easy to understand and makes sense to kids is awesome!"

"I felt an overall sense of not being well, mainly intestinal difficulties daily. My blood sugar levels were really close to diebetic levels, if not over that. After working with Ali for two months I feel really good! I now know what’s causing the intestinal problems and when I avoid that I don’t have problems. I took my blood sugar numbers today and after eating, they were within the normal range and my fasting number was lower than it has been in years - I am very excited about this!"

"I felt a lot of inflammation in my belly, my energy fluctuated a lot and I had very irregular sleep. Overall, my diet seemed off and I was confused as to why I had high cholesterol. After working with the ladies at The Spring, I feel lighter and my mood has improved. The quality of my sleep is much better and my energy is more sustained. I have a better understanding of my nutrition and am happier about my dietary habits."