List of Services

We offer natural solutions for the following health concerns. If you do not see a symptom or health issue on this list, give us a call and we’d be happy to clarify if we can help!

Health Workshops + Speaking Engagements

At The Spring, we believe the cornerstone of health is education, and through education comes choice. In providing that education, we recognize and address prior health and teach clients about taking on a proactive approach with respect to preventative medicine.

It all starts with education and it just so happens we love educating our clients and the community! Interested in scheduling a workshop for your friends, support groups, co-workers or family? Please contact us for more information! Topics range from stress, sleep, meal planning, inflammation, autoimmunity, pregnancy and more!

BioEnergetic Medicine

BioEnergetic Medicine encompasses all models of medicine including: Western, Oriental, Ayurvedic, German, French, etc.

It operates under the principles that the body heals the same way it develops: inside-out, top-down, the body is designed to heal itself if it has what it needs. he body is a flow system, dis-ease – a lack of ease – is the result of a blockage in the flow system. A symptom is the body’s cry for help and the root cause of the disease is anchored in the energy of the body.

BioEnergetic Medicine includes all assessment techniques including lab tests, manual techniques, energetic assessments, etc. and as a result, provides a cohesive model of healing.

Allergy Cleaning

The Advanced Allergy Clearing Technique, AACT reprograms the body to respond favorably to the foods you eat, instead of negatively.. When you’re having an allergic reaction, the body thinks the food or environment can harm it instead of nourishing it and a chemical reaction is created.

AACT helps your body to re-establish a positive relationship with the allergen so the next time you come in contact with the allergen, your body will stay in a balanced state without a reaction. We can help clear any food or environmental allergens. This service generally takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

Gastrointestinal Disorders

Gastrointestinal disorders like IBS, GERD, Crohn’s Disease, Celiac Disease and Leaky Gut are just a few of the common diagnoses we see everyday at The Spring. Recent research studies are proving how crucial gut health is for overall wellness and vitality. Did you know nearly 80% of our immune system is located in our gut? Without addressing gut health, the rest of the body is going to have a difficult time functioning optimally.

We work closely with our clients to identify the root cause for their gastrointestinal disorders and provide the support needed to improve, be it diet and lifestyle changes or the right supplements to encourage healing.

Nutrition, Weight Loss and Lifestyle Counseling

No matter our client’s health concerns, we approach every case with the goal of setting them up for long-term success. The 30-day diets have proven to be a waste of time, energy and money, not to mention put added stress on our bodies. If you’re interested in sustaining good health and making your goals a long-term reality, you’ve come to the right place!

Hormone Balancing

Hormones play a crucial role in the functioning of your body. Their levels and balance, also known as female hormone harmony, are extremely important to your health, mood, and well-being. Hormone deficiency in men and women often causes fatigue, irritability, depression, weight gain or weight loss, mood swings, libido, loss of bone density, poor memory and inability to focus.

Food-based supplements or herbs combined with lifestyle modifications, changes in diet, and increased levels of exercise can have a positive impact on your health and hormone levels, improve your quality of life, and help you look better and feel younger.

Thyroid Dysfunction

The thyroid – a butterfly-shaped gland in the neck – can have a dramatic impact on a variety of bodily functions, and if you’re a woman over 35, your odds of a thyroid disorder are high—more than 30 percent, by some estimates. According to The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, at least 30 million Americans have a thyroid disorder and half are silent sufferers who are undiagnosed with a thyroid disorder.

Located above the Adam’s-apple, your thyroid produces thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), which regulates your body’s temperature, metabolism, heartbeat and more. Things can start to go wrong when your thyroid is under- or overactive. If it’s sluggish, it produces too little TSH; amped-up and it produces too much. What causes your thyroid to go haywire? It could be genetics, an autoimmune attack, pregnancy, stress, nutritional deficiencies, and toxins in the environment. Because of thyroid hormones far reach in the body—from the brain to bowels—figuring out a disorder can be challenging but that’s where the power of Nutrition Response Testing comes in!

Adrenal Dysfunction and Stress Management

Stress can be caused by environmental, physical, psychological or nutritional factors. One of the body’s initial responses to fear or stress is the release of hormones such as epinephrine (adrenaline) and cortisol that initially help us to react or adapt to a stressful situation. Cortisol raises blood sugar and blood pressure, increases the breakdown of protein, interferes with thyroid hormone action and stimulates visceral fat deposition, which can lead to metabolic syndrome. But, chronic stress is maladaptive and ultimately disrupts the body’s signaling system (the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis, HPA Axis) and the adrenal gland’s normal pattern of cortisol release. This can lead to problems such as: insulin resistance/diabetes, cardiovascular problems, dementia/memory loss, immune suppression, impaired thyroid function, gastrointestinal problems and sleep disorders.

Asking our client to avoid sources of stress is not necessarily a realistic task. Instead, we work with our clients to help them change their reaction to stress. Whether it be through necessary supplements or diet and lifestyle changes.

Sleep Support

There are many reasons why people have a difficult time falling and/or staying asleep. The good news is those common problems with sleep are often easily addressed without the use of medication! There are no guaranteed natural cures for insomnia, but there are effective steps you can take.

We approach sleep disturbances the same way we do with any other symptoms! Through Nutrition Response Testing, we’re able to identify the root cause of your sleep disturbance as well as support to help you rest, relax, repair and heal.

Detoxification Program

Did you know your body collects junk? It collects junk which includes pesticides, heavy metals, chemicals, caffeine, pollution, preservatives and more. When overloaded, your body becomes inefficient. Like a furnace with a clogged filter, it collects toxins. If toxins aren’t eliminated your well-being is compromised and you can experience weight gain, feeling tired or fatigued, poor digestion, difficulty sleeping, mental fog, moodiness, and low libido.

We can help guide you as you eliminate the junk through the 21 Day Purification Program. The 21 Day Purification and Weight Loss Program is a unique program designed to assist in combating and preventing disease and to help you achieve increased vitality, weight reduction, improved digestion, clearer thinking, removal of food addictions, allergies, clearer skin, shinier hair, less bloating, improved elimination, deeper-healthier sleep, and a general sense of well-being. Contact us if you’re interested in learning more!


Essentially, diabetes stems from a malfunction in the way your body processes carbohydrates from the food you eat. Normally, the carbohydrates from your food are converted into a form of sugar called glucose. Glucose is the preferred fuel for your body’s cells, and it’s the only food your brain can use. In a person with diabetes, the pancreas either produces little or no insulin or the cells become resistant to the hormone’s action. The result is that the glucose can’t get into the cells; it accumulates in the blood and is later expelled in the urine. In short, blood sugar rises while cells starve.

The vast majority of people with diabetes have Type 2 Diabetes, which is sometimes referred to as adult-onset diabetes, even though more and more children these days are developing this type. Lifestyle changes can play a vital role in controlling Type 2; they are generally the initial and preferred method for regulating blood sugar levels. We work with you and your diet, using nutritional counseling, natural remedies for weight control and blood sugar control, as well as supplements for sugar cravings.


Our pediatric care is guided by both education and healing of the whole family. This unique approach examines the family as a whole with the integration of how certain factors can affect the well-being of a child. Some of these factors may include preventative measures, diet and lifestyle counseling, and promotion of general wellness. Through family education and natural treatment, we are able to provide the best pediatric care for the specific needs of every child. Our goal is always to start with the gentlest healing possible.

Natural pediatric care focuses on preventing the development of common chronic childhood conditions. We help parents understand how they can give their children the healthiest start in life. We focus on providing natural, safe and effective therapies for our patients. Our services include comprehensive nutritional analysis and consulting.

Attention Disorders

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Joint Pain

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Memory Disorders

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Acute Injury Support

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Chronic Diseases

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Lyme Disease + Co-Infections

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Appointment Structure

All initial new client appointments are set up in two parts, a 60-minute new health evaluation followed by a 30-minute report of findings, typically scheduled within 2 business days of your evaluation.

New Health Evaluation
Your new health evaluation will include a thorough non-invasive history and exam, a Heart Rate Variability test as well as a kinesiology examination using Nutritional Response Testing.If you are a Nutrition Response Testing Case, we will create an individualized program for you based on our findings and present this to you at your Report of Findings.

Report of Findings
The Report of Findings is when we discuss all of our findings and our plan of action moving forward. We will typically schedule this visit the same day or within 2 business days of your first visit. It’s important to arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment as we will present you with your report so that you can read through and prepare any questions you may have. We will also determine if any lab testing is warranted at this stage.

If you agree with our recommended protocol and care ready to commit to the program, we will start the protocol on this day.

We aim to set you up for success by providing reading materials, tools and strategies to apply to your everyday life. While we play an important role in your healing journey, our goal is to educate and empower you to take your findings and create a new lifestyle that lasts!

Follow-Up Visits
Follow-up visits typically last 15-minutes or less.Longer appointments may be required to go over test results, conduct additional services, etc. but this will be discussed in advance.

Fragrances + Food/drink
Thank you in advance for not wearing any perfumes/fragrances to your appointments. We have many clients who are highly sensitive when exposed.

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While we do not take insurance, you may be able to submit receipts to your insurance company for full or partial reimbursement. This is not guaranteed and is dependent on your individual plan. We suggest contacting your insurance company to confirm if they’re able to reimburse you fully or partially for supplement and/or visits.

Cancellation Policy

Your appointments are very important to us at The Spring – they are reserved especially for you! We understand that sometimes schedule adjustments are necessary; therefore, we respectfully request at least 24-hour notice for cancellations or rescheduling of appointments.

Any appointments missed, late canceled or changed without 24-hour notice will result in a charge equal to 100% of the reserved service amount. Please understand that it is your responsibility to remember your appointment dates and times in order to prevent any missed appointments which result in a cancellation fee. Any questions, please contact us at 512.445.7373.

What Our Clients Say

“Elke has been a blessing to me. I have had numerous challenges with my internal organs and conventional doctors were not able to diagnose it. Elke’s expert knowledge has not only helped to alleviate the original challenges but also uncover physical concerns that have been underlying for many years. Thank you Elke!”

“I have been sick for almost two years and have seen a variety of doctors who have never been able to treat any of my symptoms. I finally was referred to Elke and she was able to point out many things that were compromising my health. She is so knowledgeable in what she does and has worked wonders for me. I have already started to feel better and have seen great results from the supplements and lifestyle changes she has suggested for me. I enjoy working with her in my struggle to finally be completely healthy again and I know with her by my side that I will! She is a beautiful, caring woman who is not only trying to make you feel better, but also fixing the roots of all the problems you may be having.”

"I used to feel this enormous weight on my shoulders to make all the right decisions for my kiddo’s health and nutrition. While I think MDs are great at emergency care I’ve never felt comfortable putting my kids in their hands when it comes to their nutrition, preventive care or providing a more natural approach when they do get sick. Since the kids have been seeing Ali that weight has been lifted. She is also special when it comes to connecting with kids. Her genuine nature and how she explains things in a way that is easy to understand and makes sense to kids is awesome!"

"I felt an overall sense of not being well, mainly intestinal difficulties daily. My blood sugar levels were really close to diebetic levels, if not over that. After working with Ali for two months I feel really good! I now know what’s causing the intestinal problems and when I avoid that I don’t have problems. I took my blood sugar numbers today and after eating, they were within the normal range and my fasting number was lower than it has been in years - I am very excited about this!"

"I felt a lot of inflammation in my belly, my energy fluctuated a lot and I had very irregular sleep. Overall, my diet seemed off and I was confused as to why I had high cholesterol. After working with the ladies at The Spring, I feel lighter and my mood has improved. The quality of my sleep is much better and my energy is more sustained. I have a better understanding of my nutrition and am happier about my dietary habits."