Detox and Immune Support

Detox and Immune Support

The average American is likely to have 500-1000 times higher levels of toxic chemicals in the fatty tissues of their bodies, including the brain and lipids in the blood, then what is revealed in blood serum.

The simplest way to detoxify – or, more correctly, mobilize and eliminate toxins – is to optimize your lean body mass, because most toxins are stored in fat then released when fat is burned for energy.

Since the skin and gastrointestinal tract have the largest surface areas compared to other organs, this is where toxins exit as they are mobilized and eliminated.

You can use a combination of niacin, exercise, sauna therapy and any instrument to generate heat and promote sweating to initiate detox. Natural binders such as activated charcoal and zeolite clay will absorb toxins exiting through the GI tract so they can be eliminated.

We can help guide you through the complexities and potential discomfort associated with these types of detox; but if you want something safer, easier and more effective, the 21 Day Purification Program may be right for you. We recommend completing this 3-week protocol twice every year.

The 21 Day Purification & Weight Loss Program CAN Transform Your Life!

Do You Want to Feel Healthier, Lose Weight and Have More Energy?

Did you know your body collects junk?  It collects junk which includes pesticides, heavy metals, chemicals, caffeine, pollution, preservatives and more.  When overloaded, your body becomes inefficient.  Like a furnace with a clogged filter, it collects toxins. If toxins aren’t eliminated your well-being is compromised and you can experience weight gain, feeling tired or fatigued, poor digestion, difficulty sleeping, mental fog, moodiness, and low libido.

The 21 Day Purification and Weight Loss Program is a unique program designed to assist in combating and preventing disease and to help you achieve increased vitality, weight reduction, improved digestion, clearer thinking, removal of food addictions, allergies, clearer skin, shinier hair, less bloating, improved elimination, deeper-healthier sleep, and a general sense of well-being.

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